Ibsens Fabrikker new agent for British design success

Ibsens Fabrikker A/S from Pandrup, Denmark, was recently presented as the agent in Scandinavia for one the world’s most innovative design companies Inflate, who designs inflatable futuristic constructions for events and promotions.

Inflate is an award-winning inflatable design company, and since it was established in 1992, the company has set new standards for what it is possible to create with inflatable design.

The products have evolved from small projects, such as the inflatable egg hoop, to inflatable offices and giant buildings made of air. Inflate works worldwide with brands like Nintendo, Red Bull and Coca-Cola and museums like Tate Modern and MOMA Lille.

I look forward to working with Inflate in Scandinavia. I believe that this collaboration between Ibsens Fabrikker and Inflate can create growth and foster new fusions between design, functionality and visual attraction in Scandinavia,” says Peter Ibsen, founder and CEO of Ibsens Fabrikker.

Specifically, the collaboration means that Ibsens Fabrikker through their solid network will distribute and promote the Inflate products to customers in Scandinavia.


Inflatable domes in Copenhagen

Two years of dialogue

The first contact between the two creative companies was made back in February 2012, but the official announcement of the collaboration was first to be released two years later. CEO of Ibsens Fabrikker, Peter Ibsen, says:

I believe that the founder of Inflate Nick Crosbie wanted to be a hundred per cent sure that a potential Scandinavian collaborator would understand that Inflate is not only a factory making inflatable products, but an innovative design company seeking to develop an inflatable future. Ibsens Fabrikker honours that, and we look very much forward to being a part of this journey.”


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26. March 2014