We just launched an amazing new platform

We just launched the largest online catalogue for eye-catchers and amazing advertising props in the whole of Scandinavia. Get lost in our amazing world!

Søren Vasø Hansen from Form Agenda recently presented our new online platform to producer of eye-catchers Peter Ibsen

Since the beginning of our adventure in 2005, we’ve seperated our products in three different factories. First came Bamsefabrikken – The Teddy Factory – and then Luftfabrikken and Figurfabrikken came to lift – The Air Factory and The Figure Factory. Each with their own website filled with endless inspiration. But 2017 is the year, where we collect all of our products on one single website: ibsensfabrikker.com.

We’ve worked on this giant catalogue of inspiration for more than half a year. It’s filled with visuals, videos and great ideas. Therefore it’s an amazing feeling to launch the online platform, which has several new and shiny functions. The guys at Form Agenda were our partners in crime yet again.

The decision to collect our three worlds is made after experiencing the development of eye-catching and creative advertising the last few years. Our clients and cooperators don’t just select a single kind of eye-catchers. They see possibilities everywhere. They might have started their journey with a mascot costume, but they often end up another amazing place with yet another piece of great eye-catching.

Mascots, inflatable solutions and fiberglass effects can be very different and difficult to compare. But the end goal is the very same: Draw attention.

Scroll down through our endless picture gallery. Click your way through more than 50 cases, where we tell the stories of the biggest, best and most amazing projects. Figure out, what your possibilities are in your exact way to advertise and market your product. The possibilities are great – even greater now.

You are now on our new platform. Make sure to check it out properly. But don’t get lost among all of the inspiration!

7. February 2017