How to promote your mascot

We see a lot of clients who promote their mascot in an amazing way. But we also experience companies, who forget about the universe and identity behind a mascot. It's important in your brand promotion.

No one will see you message if you hide the mascot in the closet. There are many different ways to market a mascot but the most important thing is that the person inside the costume (the actor) knows have to play the role. Here are some examples on ways to promote your mascot.

You can use the mascot for:

– Sport events

– Store openings and local events

– Campaigns and promotions

– Marketing on social medias (Facebook etc.)

– TV and commercials

OiSTER mascot - well-known figures from Danish television commercials.

Consistent appearance is essential for the success of the mascot

A mascot is “universal” – it always acts and appears in the same way – no matter time or place.

The spectator will notice even the slightest deviation in the mascots behavior, appearance and physical size. Especially, the children’s illusion will be shattered if it’s obvious that there’s a person inside the costume.

A tip for the person who’s responsible for the promotion of a mascot is to develop a mandatory “manual” for how the mascot has to be used – that meaning what the mascot can and cannot do.

A mascot seldom talks and a piece of visible skin of the person inside the costume is an absolutely “no-go” 🙂

With our experience at Ibsens Fabrikker, we can help you prepare a design manual for how your mascot should be used.


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16. January 2016