Figurfabrikken is launched

Figures and specially designed effects as well as giant versions of well known products and replicas!

This is quite simply what Figurfabrikken do.

During a visit to Thailand I noticed a little workshop where local artists were able to produce the most incredible and lively figures in glass fibre, wood and resin.

These figures have so far been part of Bamsefabrikken’s selection but the great success has made it necessary to establish Figurfabrikken ( ).

This is because we have started a collaboration with one of the world’s biggest producers of specially designed figures and replicas.

We have chosen to focus mainly on specially designed products and more “extreme” figures like the dinosaur in full size or copies of animals you only will see in the ZOO.
We also deliver 100% realistic copies of Formula 1 race cars.

The commodities arrive in large containers. The customer will have to wait a bit longer if they order one or two figures since the container is not shipped before it is full.
On the other hand we are able to offer a faster delivery for large orders.

Figurfabrikken is a part of Ibsens Fabrikker who has delivered advertising that attracts attention since 2005.

We are a company that develops all the time according to customer’s demand. We are aiming for the highest quality of alternative advertising that that gives a lasting impression of the audience.

I hope you will like my newest factory – Figurfabrikken.

/ Peter Ibsen


29. August 2008