FestiWalther was again the test case

Here at Bamsefabrikken we are extremely pleased with our cooperation with the Skanderborg festival, which always seems to inspire when it comes to promoting their mascot WALTHER.

When we decided to explore a new and exciting area, and convert to puppet-makers who can provide custom-made hand-held dolls – there were not many minutes’ pause for reflection, before the first mascot figure was in the pipeline.



We called our good friends from Skanderborg festival up and presented them to the idea of producing their logo mascot “Festiwalther” as a hand puppet.

The idea was then to use this handpuppet in everything from commercials and TV productions to Puppetry.

As always, the people behind the Skanderborg Festival, were extremely impulsive and quickly took a decision to bring the idea into reality.

It took a small 4 weeks to produce the mascotcharacter as a handpuppet as seen pictured on the right.

Worth telling about the Walter character mascot is how the festival uses him in their promotion activities, because the way Skanderborg Festival uses him in marketing is very unique …
Can you for example remember how the festival logo looks like? thought not! – because they have no other logo than the forest troll Walther – without pants.

That is why the festival is extremely carefull not to make products that are not looking right. It is important that Walther is always reproduced 100% correct – and Ibsen’s Fabrikker are proud to be the festival’s supplier of plush, inflatable characters, mascot costumes and now also the Walther doll / handpuppet.


21. October 2009