Fake food – Brilliant or just plain weird?

It all started with an out of the ordinary inquiry from a burger chain. The challenge they gave us was "Are you able to produce a replica of our burger?"

Fake burger produced for a burger chain

Inspired by Japanese “Sampuru”
The term “Sampuru” directly translates to “sample” and is in Japan the art of creating super realistic fake food. In Japan it is almost unthinkable, that a restaurant doesn’t show all of their dishes in a large display. That way the customer knows what he/she is getting before ordering their food. How large the portion is and so on.

On top of that, these food displays serve as a three-dimensional menu, working across any and all language barrier. What you see is what you get!

We accepted the challenge set out by our customer, and as is always the case, at Ibsens Fabrikker, we geeked our way even further into this world of fake food creations…

Three variations of fake sushi

But why fake food?
To our customer, the “why” is quite simple. A freshly made beautiful burger on display on the counter will create more sales of said burger. However, that also means, that time and time again all throughout the day, new burgers have to be made purely for display. This takes time and resources without guarantees of a sale.

What about food waste?
Exactly! And thank you for asking. A burger that has been on display for an hour, is not exactly appetizing anymore. It will end up in the trash and a new one will replace it, to tempt the customers once again. This cycle is repeated up to 25 times in a single day, meaning 25 burgers hit the trash can and time is wasted making the burgers over and over. I bet the idea of fake food is beginning to make alot of sense right about now??

As our photos show, and convincingly so, this is not just regular plastic food, as it is known from your kid’s play kitchen. These are hyper realistic food creations made from semi-soft PVC.

Fake steak served with a fake apple salad and fake redbeads. Best before: Two thousand and ETERNITY.

Are you seeing new angles or opportunities? – Let’s talk!
Are you operating in the food-, restaurat-, decór or entertainment industry and do you want to know more? Or do you just hate it when food is being wasted?

We can make realistic replicas of almost any food product including meats, fish, fruit and vegetables. Even unique dishes displayed on plates and extremely realistic (but fake) copies of anything from meat-cuts to ice cream deserts.

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30. January 2019