Carlsberg gets ready for summer with a giant event tent

Carlsberg was the first to order a giant beduin event tent at Luftfabrikken. It’s the perfect tool for the concerts and events of the summer all over the country.


As something new we could offer this giant and flexibel event tent from march this year. And in the ending of May, the first of Luftfabrikkens beduin event tents is ready for use – and the customer is Carlsberg.

The tent is perfect for the events in the summer, where Carlsberg travel through Denmark for musical events. The tent is perfect for changing locations, because you can change the shape, when you want to.

In the ending of May, we go to the first event ourselves to help Carlsberg set up the tent and instruct their people in setting it up in the right way. Carlsberg ordered their Tuborg tent in 15 times 20 metres.

We earlier cooperated with Carlsberg, where we produced several event tents in the Tuborg design. Back then it was our AXION tents, and now Carlsberg went up a size or two for their summer events.

Check out the 3D visualization beneath, and read about our stretch beduin tents at Luftfabrikken.

4. May 2015