Denmark’s FestiWalther ”Bamsified”…

You have to look for a long time to find a mascot as popular as Walther from Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival – Skanderborg Festival.

No wonder that Skanderborg Festival take so good care of him. Earlier, the festival have tried to get the mascot produced as a teddy bear, but it did not quite succeed in getting close enough to the original.

Bamsefabrikken tried (without Skanderborg Festival knew about it) to produce a proto type of Walther – after several attempts we got the perfect Walther!

Walther was presented to the festival’s leaders and they loved the “new” Walther immediately!

On the 2008 festival it is possible to access copies of the Walther bear.

Bamsefabrikken can make your dreams come true when it comes to designing and producing mascots that you can use in your marketing.

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2. March 2008