Brand mascots and characters in fiberglass - "Fabrikanten's" transformation

Join us behind the scenes as Ibsens Fabrikker creates brand characters and mascots from fiberglass. Follow the process from drawing board to physical product that can be seen, felt and touched.

You might already know him…

“Fabrikanten” is the mascot for Ibsens Fabrikker. He is made from the idea of a persona that can convey a brand or message in an easy and simple way.

He has been the mysterious front figure at Ibsens Fabrikker since 2013, where he was illustrated by illustrator/designer Adam Hansel.

During the year 2020, we have had plenty of free time on our hands. That’s why we decided to finally add another dimension to “Fabrikanten”.

"Fabrikanten" converted to 3D

In-House 3D workshop

We can convert most elements, logos and obviously mascots to 3D graphics, which then can be used in the production of images, animations and obviously used to produce physical products that can be seen and touched.

The 3D conversion is an important step – otherwise, how would you know how the character looks from the side, from above or below?

It is very important to do this part of the job with alot of care to ensure uniformity in the later stages of production, wether  you are producing gummybears, rubbershapes or fiberglass mascots.

We are ready to help you with this part of the job, which can never be neglected.

In the picture to the left you see “Fabrikanten” made in 3D. Placed on a pedistal of concrete. This is of course just one of many ways to situate him. When converted to 3D, almost anything is possible!

When producing shapes from fiberglass…

Several aspects should be taken into consideration, when a shape og character is to be recreated in fiberglass. Thin arms or legs separated from the main body are at risk of breaking, and should be avoided. With “Fabrikanten”, we had him placed in a position with his arms down the sides of his body.

To avoid the figure falling over during heavy winds, we placed him on a plateau, almost like a chess piece. The figure weighs about 50 kilograms and stands firm and safe on a flat surface.

If it is required to move the figure in and out of a store onto the street, we are able to provide a solution where the figure is mounted on wheels.

Video: Fabrikanten's transformation
Finished product

Physical advertising effects with air, plush or fiberglass

At Ibsens Fabrikker we have brought our customers’ ideas to life, ever since we first opened our doors back in 2005. We are honored to provide our customers with uniformity across the many different types of products that we help our customers produce from their own mascots and logos, and we always aim to match the wants and needs of our customers.

We have the deepest respect for your brand and it’s history. We aim to reflect just that in the products we supply you with.

Do you have a project, that you want us to safely take from lines on a piece of paper to real-life fiberglass shapes?

Your journey could start by sending us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (+45) 4062 2927.

Your project is in the safest hands with Ibsens Fabrikker.

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