The mascot Bluetooth became part of a historic sporting event

Vejle Municipality wanted to promote the city and its participation in the world’s largest bicycle race, the Tour de France. The result was the mascot ‘Bluetooth’.

Vejle Kommunes Tour de France-maskot Blåtand

’Blåtand’ - Vejle bys maskot i forbindelse med Tour de France 2022.

It is rare to see the world’s largest bicycle race finding its way to Denmark and the Danish roads. But when the Tour route in 2022 was announced, the Danes could begin to look forward to experiencing the Tour de France on Danish soil. One of the visited cities was Vejle.

With Vejle as the start city for the 3rd stage of the world’s toughest cycling race, all eyes would be on the beautiful city; from passionate cycling fans and sports-interested tourists to the international sports press and commercial stakeholders.

Therefore, Vejle Municipality wanted a mascot with a Danish touch that could create attention, cohesion, smiles and a positive vibe – and publicity for the entire city and municipality.

Maskotten Blåtand står foran trappe sammen med Tour de France-direktøren Christian Prudhomme

Maskotten ’Blåtand’ med bl.a. direktøren for Tour de France, Christian Prudhomme (tv).

Maskotten Blåtand giver hånd til Tour de France-direktøren Christian Prudhomme

Selv ikke løbsdirektøren for Tour de France kunne modstå ’Blåtand’.

‘Bluetooth’ – the name of Vejle City’s mascot in connection with the Tour de France 2022 – was created in close collaboration between Vejle Municipality and Ibsens Fabrikker.

The wish was for a mascot with an eye-catching appearance and a positive presence that could promote Vejle’s participation in the Tour de France for a long time up until the stage – both offline and online – as well as interact with cycling fans and spectators on the race day.

The mascot Bluetooth on tour