Inflatable art installed in the French Embassy of Denmark

Take an inflatable beach ball. Place it in one of the finest rooms in the French Embassy. That’s an eye catcher!

Photo: Lior Zilberstein

Peter Land was one of nine contemporary artists, who were installed in the French Embassy of Denmark in 2017. Peter Land had a very alternative approach to the art installation Carte Blanche. In the middle of the music saloon – one of the finest rooms of the embassy- the artist placed a giant beach ball. An inflatable beach ball from Ibsens Fabrikker.

It drew attention in the entire period of the art installation. The colorful balloon as inflatable art was mentioned on a broad range of art sites and online media.

The idea of the art installation is to challenge the aesthetics of the room. A giant beach ball in a diplomatic room creates contrast, which is rarely seen before. That made The Secret Agent one of the most mentioned installations of Carte Blanche.

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Foto: Lior Zilberstein

"This is work, which holds itself in the light end of the barometer and gives a large contrast to the everyday life of the embassy and the serious subjects. It's really funny and it makes you think, what fun and games really is and in which context. The contrast is smoldering between the holiday on the beach and the stranded human bodies in the back of my mind."

Matthias Hvass Borello,
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