Handmade plushies for the finest hotel in Denmark

Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen is the essence of quality. For this and many more reasons it was a great honor to be able to develop and produce handmade plushies for Denmarks very finest hotel.

Plushies with embroidery for Hotel d’Angleterre

One year in the making…
But after 7 prototype iterations of these handmade plushies, each having undergone careful inspection and correction by the hotels management, we finally found it – the final design for the perfect handmade plush toy for Hotel d’Angleterre.

The hotel, which is one of the most outstanding five-star hotels in Europe, is in itself somewhat if a fairy tale. And so, the plush toy produced for d’Angleterre had to be held to the same standard, and is made as an homage to the Danish author H. C. Andersen and his Ugly Duckling fairy tale.

The classic d’Angleterre logo is discreetly embroidered under the foot of the plush.

Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen

Handmade plushies have to communicate quality and exquisiteness. Rememeber that it is YOUR brand being represented.

When Ibsens Fabrikker manufacture handmade plushies, it is with the utmost respect for your brand. Hotel d’Angleterre wished for a quality product in the finest plush materials and with a small beanbag in the bottom, allowing the plushies to sit up on their own.

Imagine stepping in to your hotel room to see this exquisite handmade plush toy on your childs pillow. Certainly, Hotel d’Angleterre is one step ahead of the competition.

A plush toy production also always include manufacturing a prototype for approval before mass production.

We ensure that our special made plushies are CE approved to meet all the applicable CE standards.

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