Giant eye-catcher
with an extra dimension

Oversizing beats a cardboard sign by a mile and a dimension.

We’ve said it many times before. Replace your cardboard signs and display with eyecatchers in more dimensions!

Oversized product replicas are the perfect solution, when marketing a product.

And now HH Simonsen took the idea out of the supermarkets and into hairdressing saloons, out to the beach and into the swimming pools.

In the saloons the brushes draw attention to the product – Wet Brushes – from both customers and bypassers, if you place it correctly. And it’s a fantastic icebreaker for a conversation about the product!

The idea to oversize the HH Simonsen brushes is also a part of a viral campaign, where the customers can show their Wet Brush – or oversized replica – on Instagram.

Oppustelige HH Simonsen hårbørster, også gengivet som badedyr med logo

The three-dimensional effect in the brush makes it look realistic

And on the social media the customers are showing their Wet Brush off! Both the real deal and the giant, inflatable brushes, which Luftfabrikken produced.

Check out the hashtag #hhsimonsen on Instagram, and see for you self, how the brushes breathe life into the campaign. Read more about the brushes, and take a closer look at what we oversized into eyecatchers here.

"I simply didn’t expect an ordinary cardboard sign to help our viral campaign. The three-dimensional effect in the brush makes it look realistic – and it looks a lot more like our product. It actually is identical."

Stig Jensen, CFO, HH Simonsen
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