Bodil and Oskar are ready to invade the country…

Jyske Bank’s kids’ concept is about the lovely figures named Bodil and Oskar.

Within the last couple of years the mascots have gotten a facelift that appeals to the kids. Also, with a new website, the bank’s mascot concept is ready to face the future.

Bamsefabrikken’s job was to deliver no less than 12 mascot costumes consisting of suit, feet, gloves and the mascot’s head.
After 12 weeks the production was done and Jyske Bank were extremely happy about the result.

Keep in mind that Bamsefabrikken can deliver all products related to a good kids’ concept – mascots, money boxes and teddy bears.

The money boxes can also be delivered as teddy bears – we call them savings bears.
We can also deliver more typical types of merchandise – in other words we are able to take care of the complete concept from A to Z.


6. May 2008