Bear League prepares for playoff in Denmark – and Bamsefabrikken joins!


We already know them from TV commercials and supermarkets, toy shops etc. – The cool football-playing bears who continue the game in an online virtual football universe. Now, Bamsefabrikken has recreated them as mascot costumes full figured. We have produced a total of eight mascot costumes for the beautiful teddy bears. The mascots will be used in Bear Leagues marketing and promotions, and Bamsefabrikken has been in charge of everything except the original club jerseys.

Bear League introduces an entirely new way of playing football. The concept is aimed at children, and therefore bears, the small mascots as well as the big mascots, are the perfect figures. You buy a football mascot and gain access to training, chatting and playing in the virtual universe. Bring your football mascot to life in the virtual universe, improve his skills and much more. See more on

The small teddy bears above, those you can buy in the shops, are the originals used as models in the production of the large mascot costumes.

To the right you can see how their heads were shaped first. The heads of the costumes are first molded in clay, cast in fiberglass and then filled with substance.

We have worked diligently to make texture, color and detailing as equivalent as possible to the small football mascots.

Another challenge with these costumes was the soccer shoes. In this case, they are designed quite specifically to match the shape and appearance of the small football boots of the football mascots  Every detail was photographed, altered and refined through dialogue with the customer to ensure satisfaction with the final mascot costumes.




24. June 2010