A cool bear builds brand identity

A cool bear builds brand identity and strengthens relationships to the customers for Coolbet.

Coolbets maskot er vild, livagtig, atletisk og energisk

In the world of betting, competition is fierce, and there are so many competitors, that it can be hard to stand out from the field. To Coolbet this meant, that it was about time to do something different and strange. A mascot concept took form, and Ibsens Fabrikker got involved.

The baseline was set from the beginning for Coolbet – it had to be a polar bear. But even so, it is important to have the target audience in mind, when the concept is being developed, and the mascot designed. To Coolbet, this means creating a maskot that encaptulates values such as happiness, fierceness, playfulness and athleticism. The result is a mascot costume, which does not just represent these values visually, but also physically. We made sure that the costume is confortable to wear and move in, to let the mascot performer exibit these values in their performance as well.

The mascot costume and the values that it radiates helps Coolbet build and expand their customer relations in their attempt to take to a market where competitors are all waiting in line to steal eachothers customers.

The trusty companion of any mascot costume, is the smaller, but no less fluffy plush toy. It is almost inevitable and indispensable in a case like this one, where the mascot is a bear. Animal mascots are ideal to design and reproduce as a plush toy, and as it is evident from the picture, we are self-proclaimed world champions when it comes to matching plush toys to mascot costumes.

If you are contemplating production of a mascot costume and matching plush toys, we are ready to talk to you or read your e-mail.

24. June 2020