Tepees & star tents for events

A tepee or star tent for events, printed with your logo is perfect for outdoor events and catches the attention of your costumer.

Tepee and star tent with logo print

At Ibsens Fabrikker we help you manufacture star tents in your colors and with your logo.

An outdoor base
Are you and your company about to participate in an outdoor event? Tepees and start tents for events are the perfect outdoor base of operations for your company. With your logo printed on all sides, there is no doubt about your presence.

Star tents for events from Ibsens Fabrikker covers an area of up to 200 m² and are available with either one or two center poles. Place your products and competent colleagues at the center and experience the stream of new customers from all angles.

Green star tent with logo print

Star tents are available in various sizes. This is a picture of one of the smaller tents.

Star tent with logo print and two center poles

Star tents can be made with two center poles to cover an even larger area

Experience the traction of a large tent
Large tents such as the star tent, has a unique appeal to people passing by. Participants at your event rarely manage to walk by a large tent, without stepping inside the impressive structure to experience the atmosphere inside.

The large open sides are an invitation to anyone passing by. With your products and sales personel inside to greet them, we can almost guarantee, that new relations and customers will emerge under your tent canvas.

Infinite possibilities
You have probably already made your acquaintance with a tepee or star tent. The product is, among other places, used at beach events, outdoor restaurants, festivals, in parks and any other outdoor event.

The possibilities are endless, and a tepee or star tent is the perfect combination of eye-catching and traction, and at the same time, the tent is easy to set up and very practical in use.

Are you looking for a product suited for both out- and indoor use, then stop by our inflatable products at Axion Nordic.

Axion Nordic inflatable products for events

Axion Nordic is our series of inflatable tents and effects for events, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Du you want a large tent for your next event?

Event tents with or without air. We are ready to provide you with the right solution for you and your company.

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