Skydancers are dynamic and moving advertising. You surely know them, the flickering skydancers, dancing in the wind.

The figures with and without arms are popular visitors at various outdoor concerts and festivals, and it is not without cause. Skydancers attract much attention because of their size, shape and movements.

Use them at outdoor events and discover how they attract clients and customers. Or use them for something completely different!

They’re mostly known from being in front of car dealers in Hollywood movies. But they can be used for lots of other events and assignments! Make the skydancer look like a person in the uniform of your company. Use your graphic identity and colours.

You can get three models of skydancers. A single tube, a tube with head and arms and two tubes with head and arms. It makes the range of possibilities and possible ideas wide. Imagine what kind of skydancer, you could use in front of your office and what it should look like.

The tubes can be dismounted and exchanged, so you can change message or design, or you can recycle two fans and use them for a figure with head and arms.

Each fan requires an electrical outlet, and you should just plug in the socket, and the skydancer is dancing.

The blower sends pulsating air into the tube, so the skydancer is thrown in different directions and looks like it is dancing. That is dynamic advertising, which surely will be an eye-catcher and attract attention to your company.


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