Custom-made hand puppets

Funny fantastic hand puppets and rod puppets.

You know them from productions like “The Muppet Show”, “Fraggle Rock” and “Sesame Street”.

Hand puppets and rod puppets have loads of personality and a special ability to make a statement and deliver a cheeky comment.

Are you producing children’s tv, film or theater, where hand puppets and rod puppets will be part of the setup, we can help you make exciting hand puppets and rod puppets of very high quality.

Ibsens Fabrikker manufactured the legendary Walther mascot from Skanderborg Festival (now known as Smukfest) as a rod puppet, which gave the festival the option to perform with Walther in new ways and create advertisement.

Handpuppet for education of kids in kindergartens.

Handpuppets can be mass produced og made in the same manner as our plush toys. A handpuppet is the perfect tool for educating and delivering hard-to-understand information to kids, bringing the conversation down to their level.

Handpuppets can be designed to look like your pre-existing mascot, or designed entirely from scratch by our brilliant designers, made to fit your concept and match your target audience.

The production process starts with development of a prototype for you to examine and approve before the final production of your order takes place.

These handpuppets are ideal for sale og as a give-away for kids who are familiarized with the character and the message it delivers.

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