Visual identity strengthens the fan relationship in Odense footballclub

When the audience sets foot on the stadium in Odense, they are treated to more than just a ballgame. With a large outdoor commercial balloon shaped like a player jersey and a new and refresh club mascot, OB has solidified their future visual identity and is ready to deliver memorable experiences.

New mascot creates a visual identity in OB

The Mascot Victor returns to OB and is one of several new activities meant to bring the ballclub closer to their fans and audience with an updated visual identity.

Football is more than just a sport
With many fans, football is much more than just a sport. It’s about local pride, unity and unforgetable experiences. This is exactly what Odense Boldklub and their main sponsor Albani in collaboration with Ibsens Fabrikker have embraced and incorporated into the ballclubs new visual identity.

Visual identity
Many will say, that a visual identity is defined by a website or a printed magazine. We dare to say, that a visual identity is much more – It is the visual resources used by, in this case, a ballclub to create attraction, sense of belonging, loyalty and pride among fans and audiences.

More edgy and fighting spirit
Victor has for years been a tiger, also a mascot made by Ibsens Fabrikker, but the otherwise wild animal has become too tame. The new mascot exudes fighting spirit and edgyness – Qualities that the now departed mascot no longer brought to the stadium.

Local pride
With the local brewery Albani returned as the ballclubs main sponsor, two of Fyn’s most welknown brands have once again joined forces to deliver entertainment that any resident of Fyn can be proud of. The commercial balloon is the perfect tool for turning heads and alert the locals to these new values and messages that OB wants to convey.

Large airballoon shaped as a football jersey

Inflatable eye-catcher that places your product front and center at events.

"Mascots often appeal to younger fans. Victor the Cat however, will appeal to a much broader audience, because he has the same values that we represent at OB. Victor is brave and bold. He has taken us by storm."

Jack Jørgensen, Commercial director
Video - There's a new cat in town!
Victor as a plush toy

A Victor to bring home
In order to bring the OB identity all the way home to the fans, OB asked us to have Victor made as a plush toy. At Ibsens Fabrikker, our most important job in this case is, to make the plush toy look almost exactly like the football clubs mascot.

The process begins with the production of a prototype, that needs to be approved and then used as a base for subsequent mass production.

In this case, the prototype was made from pictures of the full-size mascot. The Victor plushie is wearing a player jersey and shorts, and as always we made sure, that the final product was produced to meet the CE standards.

The Victor-plushie met all expectations from the very first prototype, which then resulted in a production of plushies, now on their way to the homes of the football clubs fans, either as decorations, or for their children to play with.

Victor made into a 30 centimeter plush toy