Basketball mascot for club promotion

The only ginger duck in the basket.

It was the ultimate project, when the basketball team Team FOG Næstved contacted us at Ibsens Fabrikker concerning the development of their new mascot. 

Today Ditlev Dunk is a big part of Team FOG Næstved marketing plans. He is an investment on a number of platforms. This includes involving him in visuals and graphics in the promotion for the basketball matches. The mascot will highly appeal to the children at the team’s home court and is a good front figure in videos, at press conferences and events. 

A mascot costume gives the club an alternative way to promote themselves. But the mascot also gives the possibility to improve the atmosphere at the games. Like any other mascot, he needs to perform. Therefore it is required that Ditlev Dunk is very charismatic and has “its own life” to use the mascot in that way, so he will not be seen as simply a teddy or a costume.

To be sure to catch the shape of the mascots head and appearance, we manufacture a mock up made of clay and take pictures of it.

We send these pictures to you for approval before we go on in the process.

That way you are involved in the development of the mascots presence and identity. Our experience tells us that this is the best way to ensure the right look and details of the costume, you wanted and though of. 

Team photo

"With a mascot from Ibsens Fabrikker, we have a trustworthy mascot that goes hand in hand with the storytelling which is created and follows him. The process was professional and our wish for a crazy and child friendly mascot was complied with the help from Peter Ibsen and the craft of the factory. We are looking forward to giving the mascot a long and exciting life."

Kristian Jakobsen, CMO, Team FOG Næstved
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