Stage props at AQUA's concert were nothing but air!

When AQUA takes to the stage and the 90’s vibes are reignited, the stageshow and stage props are a big part of the experience. With a giant inflatable logo as a stage prop, it was easy for the audience to join AQUA on a journey into the band’s cartoon’ish world.

AQUA on stage with their giant inflatable logo from Ibsens Fabrikker

Giant inflatable logo as a prop for the stageshow at AQUA's concert.

AQUA blows new air into the 90’s
Keeping to the traditions, AQUA took their audience with them on a journey into their cartoon’ish world and back to the 90’s, when they took to the stage and delivered a nostalgic performance. This cartoon’ish atmosphere was visualized, when Arkitektur Ministeriet in collaboration with Ibsens Fabrikker inflated AQUA’s well-known logo. The inflated logo, which is a custom made promotional balloon, was used as a stage prop, hanging above the band as the 90’s megahits enveloped the audience.

Reklameballoner til sceneshowet
Promotional balloons can be produced in almost any shape and size, and can be used as a stage prop for any kind of show. Whether it is for a concert, theater show, stand-up show or a talk, a custom made promotional balloon can serve as the perfect stage prop to create a different and memorable expression on stage with the balloons depth and curved shapes. Promotional balloons are easy to set up and take down, and makes it possible to bring large stage props with you on tour without taking up too much space when on the road.

AQUA's logo used as a giant inflatable stage prop

At AQUA's concert, their well-known logo was made into a giant inflatable stage prop

At Ibsens Fabrikker we see a growing interest for, at use of, custom made promotional balloons as stage props. Another great example is our NEPHEW-case, where the band used a giant helium balloon to bring the full-moon to the stage at Roskilde Festival 2018.

Do you have a great idea for a stage prop for your show, then we are ready to help you realise it! Send us an email or give us a call at +45 4062 2927, then we will be ready with creative sparring and visual drafts for the stage props and stage show for your next performance.

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