Brand mascot represents festival

Walther the brand mascot came to life

Walther is his name, and if you ever attended Smukfest for the past years, you are most certainly acquainted with the mascot Walther.

He appears on websites, marketing brochures and flyers, posters and information in a number of platforms. The pantless hottie has for years been the symbol of Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival – ironically, because you can hardly call Walther a beauty.

The Walther brand mascot has so many physical expressions, which makes the character come alive and hard to get around. The mascot Walther has become the face of Smukfest and is used as the logo for the festival.

Den gamle FestiWalther maskot med rigtigt hår blev sendt på pension i 2018

Ibsens Fabrikker has been manufacturing the well-known Smukfest brand mascot in several different shapes since 2006. Plush toys, puppets, mascot costumes, 3D figures e.g.

We are very proud to be an official playmate of Smukfest’s, who can enjoy their many versions of the pantless mascot in return.

Our main quality is coming up with crooked ideas and funny ways to promote a brand. Smukfest always had an open mind, when we came up with a weird way to do it yet again. That’s why we completely love Smukfest.

 That means we have a very special relationship to Walther and the brand behind him. He’s a diverse mascot with a lot of different ways to portray. It’s just amazing to see!

"Peter Ibsen doesn’t fill his rooms with neither hot or cold air. With Ibsens Fabrikker all specialties and details are of first class and very complete."

Jonas Hallberg, Creative Director, Smukfest
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