Rynkeby inflates a new line of products

When a newly launched product has to find its way into the shopping cart of bypassing consumers, extra attention around the location of the product can help your brand. Rynkeby catches the eyes of consumers in the supermarket by inflating their products.

Large inflatalbe juice bottles catches the attention of bypassing consumers

Inflatable juice catches the eye
A new product needs all the attention it can get. That is why we always recommend our customers to blow up the dimensions of the product and steal all of the attention from their competitors.

This is exactly what Rynkeby has done with their new RIGTIG® juice on bottles.

The colorful 1 meter tall inflatable juice bottles can be found in stores all over Denmark, where they serve as eye-catchers for the products location in the store, and reels customers towards Rynkeby’s quality products.

Inflatable product copies such as these bottles are a relatively cheap way of making your product more visible among alternatives from your competitors in stores across the country. They are easy to transport and manage for your sales personel.

Inflatable product copies such as these Rynkeby bottles is an aesthetic way of catching the attention of your customers in the store.

Rynkeby's RIGTIG® juice is a brand new series of tasty juices, sold in a new and unique Rynkeby bottle. The bottle design is an important part of the new communication platform, and for this reason it has been very important to us, to find a supplier who has been able to to handle the job of creating replica bottles in a high quality. Ibsens Fabrikker has done just that to its fullest capacity, and we are extremely proud of our new inflatable bottles that our sales personel are eagerly using to create exhibits with great visibility and stopping-effect. The demand for the bottles has been so significant, that another production of inflatable bottles already has been ordered at Ibsens Fabrikker...

Stine Vig Larsen, Marketing Coordinator

Inflatable product copies can take any form or shape. In the picture down below you will see a few more examples of bottles from Ibsens Fabrikker. If your product is sold in tubes, cans, bottles or any other type of packaging, we can turn it into an eye-catching commercial gimmick.

Bottles are ideal as an inflatable commercial gimmick.

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