Giant washing machine as inflatable portal

Inflatable eye-catchers did the job for Punkt1

A four metre tall inflatable arch shaped as a washing machine

Punkt1 approached us with a funny idea – they wanted to make an inflatable portal that could be used as an entrance for openings of stores and events As often before, Ibsens Fabrikker offers to put the client’s idea down on paper – as a simple sketch. 

We thought it could be fun that the customers had to go through the “door” of an inflatable washing machine to get into the store.

The big inflatable washing machine is four meters tall and equipped with a built-in fan. When it’s packed, it only takes up about one cubic meter.

It’s a fact that these oversized advertising effects attract customers. They stir the curiosity of people and draw them in – and as you know all is fair in love, war… and advertisement.

Punkt1 loved the idea and we went on to the next step – the 3D visualization of the assignment. Here we offer a detailed 3D drawing of the product seen from all angles and with the measurements.

Apart from the inflatable portal, we also produced a blimp and an inflatable tent for the appliance provider. They got the big package solution with multiple great inflatables.

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