Point of sale material

Point of sale – often shortened POS – is a popular term at Ibsens Fabrikker. It’s a creative and great way to advertise for a physical product.

It’s all about dragging the customer towards a product at the supermarket – often close to the cash register – and that can be done in a lot of way.

One of them we’ve breathed life into with Jensen’s Køkken. There’s hardly a better way to draw attention to a product than using the product design and shape for point of sale material.

The practical and inflatable 3D advertising signs the customers get the idea that the Jensens product is an option for dinner.

And that way you’re miles in front of the competition, who still markets with cardboard signs and so on. The extra dimension creates eyecatchers!

In this case we illustrated two of Jensens’ products with different shapes – as seen on the picture.

And most products at the supermarket can be made into actual point of sale. It can be cartons, bottles, boxes and so on. Everything is possible when inflating a POS product.

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