Piggy bank mascots

Banking mascot with multiple purposes – as a piggy bank.

It’s the obvious way to use a banking mascot. As a piggy bank.

Kuluk, the mascot from GrønlandsBANKEN, had an extra job in 2016. The child-friendly seal was transformed into a piggy bank for the job.

Kuluk was also the mascot for Artic Winter Games, which GrønlandsBANKEN sponsored. At the Arctic Winter Games, athletes from the Northern and Southern Poles compete in different games.


The icy mascot is the right face for both the bank and the winter games.

Ibsens Fabrikker was approached with the assignment to transform their two dimensional mascot to physical and real piggy banks.

We all had a piggy bank as a child. And most of us remember them vividly. Some of us even have them this day today. Kuluk will have the same effect on children, who end up taking a piggy bank home after the Arctic Winter Games end.

The seal is a great memory from the big sporting event in Nuuk, Greenland. The idea behind this mascot was simple: Transform an exciting mascot to piggy banks. It’s an easy transformation. And it will excite your youngest clients.

We only need a detailed drawing of the mascot figure. If you don’t have a mascot figure, we’ll help brainstorming and drawing. That way, you’ll end with a friendly face to represent your brand.

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