Inflatable outdoor commercial

Breathe life into your product at the right time. A large part of our products are perfect for the summer, and it isn’t different with these giant tires, which we cooperated with Norwegian Vianor and Nokian Tyres on.

An inflatable tire. Four metres in height. It’s perfect for drawing attention – and reminding the customers of tire dealer Vianor to get their summer tires back on! It’s a unique kind of outdoor commercial, we produced this time.

And with 35 of the inflatable giant tires, there’s great potential and nice possibilities to catch Vianor’s kind of customers – the drivers without summer tires.

And when you draw attention with an inflatable eye-catcher, it’s easy to react quickly, when you need to  advertise!

Starting the promotion of a seasonal product can be done in no time with these inflatable giant tires. They can be filled with air in no less than a couple of minutes. Let’s get rolling!

Outdoor reklame for Vianor

Outdoor reklame for Vianor i form af et stort oppusteligt bildæk

3D visualization
Outdoor reklame 3D tegning

Som ved de fleste special fremstillinger startede denne outdoor reklame med en 3D tegning af produktet.

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