Promotional tent

Promotional tent for the Zoom Zoom campaign.

Mazda was promoting their “Zoom Zoom” campaign worldwide to recreate the driving pleasure and excitement of childhood in Mazda cars – back to playtime, so to speak.

In Sweden, Mazda hired communications agency Knut Communications to create a roadshow entitled “Zoom Zoom”. We were approached by Knut Communications to create promotional tents that would serve as an eye-catcher at these roadshows.

As soon as same day, we returned to Knut Communications with the first sketches for the tents, and they were received with enthusiasm.

We quickly agreed on the design and materials, and the production could begin.

The promotional tent consists of inflatable columns as a closed unit. It makes it easy and practical to set up and maintain.

An inflatable tent is a great solution for a car promotion. The inflatable columns will never damage the car underneath it or anything like it.

"We at Knut Communications Event Agency are very pleased with Ibsens Fabrikkers effort, when we ordered two inflatable tents for Mazda. After long discussions with several Swedish suppliers of similar tents, I found Ibsens Fabrikker on the Internet, and they solved my problem. I will recommend Ibsens Fabrikker for other companies, and we at Knut will certainly order more products from their great range of products."

Tove Östrand, Knut Kommunikation
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