Inflatable advertising

Inflatable advertising with the well-known bags of candy.

In collaboration with advertising agency Helstrup & Son, Ibsens Fabrikker helped Malaco oversize their products: Familieguf, Lagerman Sweets and Super Mix with point of sales.

The inflatable advertising copies are made from strong PVC material with a digitally printed surface.

All in all 300 pieces of giant inflatable product replicas were produced.

Inflatable advertising is the perfect eye-catcher in point of sales. We can equip them with loops so the sales personnel can hang them from the ceiling inside the stores.

The main argument for the use of inflatable advertising in connection with the launch of new products in retail, is that these products fill close to nothing in the folded / unused condition – and they are silent as the are not powered by a fan.

When they are at the destination, it just takes a few minutes to inflate them.

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