Kids universe at Paw Sko gets new mascot - Meet Orson

The family is the fulcrum in Paw Sko’s kids universe. The creative agency Fingerspitz is behind the idea and drawings for the mascot Orson, who is friend of the children in Paw Sko’s stores, when feet needs to be measured and shoelaces needs tying.

Orson, Paw Sko mascot

The mascot Orson from Paw Sko, helping kids find the right footwear in Paw Sko's kids universe

A helping hand for the little feet
When the seasons are changing or the feet are growing, it is time once again to buy need shoes for the little ones. Most parents have surely made a stop at the well-known shoe store Paw Sko, and at your next visit, there might be a little extra help to be had.

The mascot Orson has been brought to life by Bamsefabrikken, based on the character developed by Fingerspitz, and is now ready to greet kids and their parents alike, when the right shoes for the season must be found.

Orson arrived at Ibsens Fabrikker as a drawn and animated character, and is a great example of how important a professional character design is, when creating a mascot costume.

The mascots lanky arms and uncontrolable fingers paints a perfect picture, of the struggles our dear kids have, when tying shoelaces, and his innocent smile and stumpy t-shirt complete the kids friendly design. Truely a perfect kids universe.

Orson from Paw Sko on the drawingboard

Orson arrived at Ibsens Fabrikker as a drawn and animated character.

Fingerspitz is behind the debelopment of Paw Sko's kids universe

When the wish for an Orson mascot arose, Fingerspitz contacted Ibsens Fabrikker, to whom drawings, wishes and ideas were forwarded - and following an amazing collaboration, where every wish and tiny correction was met in the best way possible, Orson arrived at Fingerspitz in his large box. And we were all blown away, because Orson was exactly the way we wanted him to be. He now spends his life in Paw Sko's stores, where he is the bringer of life and happiness to all children - and the personel of Paw Sko.

Anette Nielsen, Project Manager at Fingerspitz

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Video: Orson from drawing to mascot