Under the sea with inflatable installation art

From coorporate strategy to inflatable installation art. Ibsens Fabrikker turns Jyske Banks coorporate identity into a magical evening under the sea.

The 8 meter long inflatable Wolffish

Installation art with a coorporate message
It is far from beautiful. However, the Wolffish has been the foundation of coorporate identity at Jyske Bank for more than 40 years, creating the basis for strategic value-based leadership. Unless you are an employee of, or have strong affiliations to, Jyske Bank, you almost certainly have never heard ot the Wolffish. But inside to organisation, it is a well-known symbol to all employees.

The visually challenged underwater creature is within the organisation associated with values such as reason, integrity and  power of action. This made the Wolffish, and the sea, the obvious theme of the party, when Jyske Bank invited its 15.000 employees to Jyske Bank Boxen for a night of celebrations.

At Ibsens Fabrikker we took the challenge of creating the illusion, by bringing the Wolffish to life as a large piece of inflatable installation art, freely swimming above the crowd as a symbol of what it means to be a true Jyske Bank employee.

The 8 meter long wolffish swimming above the crowd at Jyske Bank Boxen.

From drawing to 3D model
When it comes to inflatable installations, there is a long way to go from a 2-dimensional drawing to a finished product. To bridge the gap, a 3D model is the perfect tool. The 3D model is the blueprint for the production process as well as a communicative tool for managing expectations of the final product to the customer. For this project, our starting point was a detailed artistic drawing of the Wolffish character. Our first step was to turn this drawing into a 3D model. In the picture to the left, you see how the Wolffish took it first steps from artistic drawing to 3D draft.

The wolffish installed at Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning

Built from the bottom up
With the Wolffish modelled in 3D, we had one extremely time consuming task left to do before starting production. The model had to be re-drawn to match the original character. To be 100% true to the artistic drawing of the Wolffish, we had to do this one pixel at a time, to reach an identical result. This part of the process alone took 3 weeks. The result speaks for itself.

Without this stringent approach to the task, it would not have been possible to create the high resolution print surface, which is an essential part of the 8 meter long fish’s life-like and detailed look.

The wolffish modelled in 3D and colorized one pixel at a time.

At Boxen in Herning, the ceiling is, quite literally, high and it is not without reason, that this very central piece of the visual expression of the room is made to be so large. The result of the many weeks of work was an 8 meter long, gigantic fish with pixel-perfect details, swimming quietly under the ceiling at Boxen. A result that makes us proud!

Peter Ibsen, Blikfangsfabrikant, Ibsens Fabrikker A/S
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