Inflatable bear for relay race

We inflated an old friend. Bamseven became an inflatable bear.

The children threw small teddies in the inflatable bear's basket at the relay race

Thirteen feet of pure love. That’s the result of our cooperation with the Mary Foundation, Save the Children Denmark and the No Bullying Project in the summer of 2016.

Friendly Bear is an inflatable bear with a practical purpose at the Children’s Relay Race 2016 in both Aarhus and Copenhagen. And in the same time it works as an eye-catcher, which draws people to the event.

The bear adds a fantastic element to the relay race. The one kilometer route is run by children aged 0 to 13.

They all have a small teddy in their hand. At the end, they throw their teddy into the giant basket, which is a part of the inflatable bear.

It’s not the first time, Save the Children Denmark and the Mary Foundation worked together.

The Friendly Bear (or Bamseven in Danish) is also a real-life moving, active mascot. We previously made him as a mascot costume, which was the first sight of the Friendly Bear.

The No Bullying Project puts focus on the good life for children and fights bullying. We at Ibsens Fabrikker are happy to help spreading that statement to the world.

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