Handmade scuplture, a 3 meter dildo

The exhibition Art & Porn at ArOS marks the 50th anniversary of the legalisation of porn. Ibsens Fabrikker had the pleasure of adding to the assortments of provocative art installations.

Oversize dildo made for Maja Malou Lyse´s installation at the exhibition Art & Porn at ArOS. Photographer: Anders Sune Berg.

Provocative and outspoken

Maja Malou Lyse is an artist and body activist. On her Instagram she uses her own body to increase understanding and awareness of the female body and sexuality.

Naturally, giggles were heard  around the office, when at first Ibsens Fabrikker was contacted regarding the production of a 3 meter long handmade sculpture in the shape of a dildo.

Maja Malou specifically wanted, that the finished product had to be made in a purple/pink metallic look. The sculpture is reinforced internally, using a steel skeleton, making it possible for visitors at ArOS Kunstmuseum in Aarhus, to interact with the sculpture, or even sit and stand on it.

Maja Malou Lyse

It is amazing to see my ideas take form in this way. The colaboration with Ibsens Fabrikker has been a pleasure. I'm head over heels!! I love it! I'm so happy!

Maja Malou Lyse , Artist

Photographer: Anders Sune Berg

Inflated creations or sharp lines

During the process of creating a piece of art, we start out by understanding the intent behind the final result. What kind of thoughts does it have to inspire? Next, we plan for the type of materials to use to achieve the desired final look and finish.

We have previously helped artists realise their works. Worthy mentions are Peter Land’s installation at the French Embassy, and David Shrigley’s inflatable gigantic “Swan-Thing”, which was revealed at Heartland Festival 2019.

Are you looking for help or inspiration regarding a unique element of your art installation or the creation of an entire artwork, then give us a call at +45 4062 2927. We are ready to advice you regarding which method of production best suited for your project.

The sculpture, finished with metallic varnish