A crooked idea became
golden figurines

The Danish festival Smukfest ended up with golden figurines for their award show.

We’ve pitched quite a few crooked ideas to Smukfest since we started working together.

And because of that the popular mascot Walther has been portrayed in many ways and shapes. E.g. as a hand puppet, plush toys and a mascot costume.

When we visited Smukfest to present our new idea, the response was excellent. Shortly after 25 golden Walther statuettes were ready. The exclusive statuettes are great to remember Smukfest by.


Smukfest wanted to salute the winner of their annual football tournament by giving them a statuettes.

The golden figurines are also being given to the winners of the Polka Verner grant, which is annual. In 2013 his Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik got the grant and hereby was the first person ever to recieve a golden Walther statuette.

We only made 25 statuettes, which makes them an exclusive product. The statuettes are heavy – so they feel just like a statuette should, when you’re holding it. We love the golden figurines, and we’re really glad about the open minds at Smukfest, who also lets us present our crooked ideas!

We’ve turned a couple of figures into gold before, when we made the golden statuettes for Nybolig. It amazing to see a lively figure become an exclusive product, which fits into every office!

His Royal Highness Frederik Crown Prince of Denmark was the first person to receive one of the golden figurines.

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