Giant golf balls in fiberglass

Amaing eye catcher made everyone talk golf, when

the PGA European Tour visited Denmark.

Made in Denmark

There’s lots of golf in Gatten, where Himmerland Spa & Golf Resort hosted the first European Tour tournament on Danish soil in more than ten years.

And that demands eyecatching. VisitVesthimmerland got 20 giant fiberglass golf balls put up in the area, so everyone was reminded about the huge tournament and amazing event.

The balls were placed strategically by roads and round-abouts, so most people possibly got reminded, that the European Tour was back in Denmark. And the local towns could show that they support the golf tournament of the year i Denmark.

Made in Denmark, Oosterhof

A traditional sign on a building easily goes unnoticed nowadays. So it’s amazing to have something original, which people really notice.

Anna Oosterhof, VisitVesthimmerland
Made in Denmark tegning

As seen so often before, Figurfabrikken starts by visualizing the project for the client by drawing and illustrating, which can be seen to the left.

The giant fiberglass golf balls are made for resisting several years – they need to last.

Because Made in Denmark is planned three years ahead, and the golf balls are planned to be used every year.

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