Giant beach balls as interior

Aalborg Lufthavn tried something new on the advertising front.

Aalborg Lufthavn (airport) gave their message a new packging. When you need to tell you clients something specific, you have to draw their attention in the right way. In this case the room is the base, you need to work from.

In large rooms, like in Aalborg Airport, it’s important to give the message a large packetging. And it has to be everything but flat and squared – it needs to break out of room framing.

Aalborg Lufthavn did that in cooperation with Luftfabrikken and advertising agency Combine. In a creative way, we delievered their message in a new way to more than 700.000 travellers form the airport on a yearly basis. There’s a lot of attention to draw!

Svævende kæmpe balloner

Giant beach balls with air or helium draw attention.

The roomy expression is a refreshing way to think advertising and work with

Three inflatable, giant beach balls with three different messages. In the spirit of the charter vacationers they can also be called giant beach balls. It’s the solution to this exact assignment. The three giant beach balls hangs from the ceiling and reminds the travellers that Aalborg Airport has taxfree shopping, a lounge areas and meeting areas – a ball for each area.

"The cooperation with Luftfabrikken was very satisfying both in the progess and in the result. The roomy expression is a refreshing way to think advertising and work with. We will definetely focus more on that in our upcoming projects at Combine."

Brian Toft, Creative director, Combine
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