Amazing fiberglass figure

A cozy bear transformed into a fiberglass figure

The Rasmus Klump character is in the recent years experiencing a tremendous renaissance and occurs in both comics and on CD, DVD, in Tivoli, at family restaurants, on various consumer goods such as food, and many other places.

Now he is also available as a beautiful fiberglass figure or statue at 1.70 meters! The Rasmus Klump figure is very well suited for amusement parks, banks, restaurants etc.

The Rasmus Klump figure is a real audience magnet, and especially kids are happy to be around him. The statue is made of fiberglass, which is the same material used for yachts. It is of course water resistant, flexible and a very durable material, which also appears with a stunning glossy texture.

Rasmus Klump lerfigur

The process began with molding the statue in clay by talented sculptors, and then the figure is cast in fiberglass, colored, detailed and polished. And now it is ready to work 24 hours a day – even in rough Scandinavian weather conditions!

Fiberglass figures makes man-hours and physical work unnecessary, unlike a mascot costume.

Once he is lined up, he works constantly as an audience magnet, attracting both adult and child customers. We also experience that fiberglass statues are popular subjects to photograph with your children.

Rasmus Klump is known and loved in many countries. But he does not answer to the same name all over the world. Here are some of the best known names: Petzi, Bruin, Rasmus Nalle, Barnaby Bear, Bamse Bjørn.

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