Fiberglass figure resembles
classic character

Lifelike fiberglass figure brings life to the park.

Danish amusement park Djurs Summerland always had a couple of squirrel mascots named Karlo and Karoline. The mascots are small squirrels, and they appear in different variations and costumes around the park.

Ibsens Fabrikker was approached about producing mascot Karlo as a cowboy version. After close dialogue about details and design, we got our creative workshops started with the design. We first modeled them in clay and afterwards cast in fiberglass. 

From imagination to fiberglass

The final result is a truly lifelike and beautiful fiberglass statue who not only adds life and party to the park’s Texas Town, but also sustains the Danish weather conditions – season after season.

Since then, the fiberglass mascot Cowboy Karlo has been joined by a fiberglass statue of Karoline, and Djurs Summerland is truly happy with the result. It’s been quite a few years, but the fiberglass figures are still standing in the park every season.

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