Inflatable tent for promotion

Inflatable tent made promotion easier for Danish electronics franchise Expert.

Delivery of three Expert inflatable spider tents, each with six inflatable columns, removable door openings and removable banners.

The publicity campaign was organized in collaboration with BOXER digital television, and several manufacturers of flat screen TV.

Inflatable advertisement is eye-catching and interesting A beautiful and welcoming setup arouses the customer’s interest and animate passers to seek out the information that you want to pass.

Oppustelige telte, fra 3D til virkelighed

Når du køber oppustelige telte og promotionelle produkter hos Ibsens Fabrikker, starter vi altid med en gratis 3D sketch.

Case Expert oppustelige telte

A deliberate PR campaign consists of several elements, but a good eye catcher is a great “icebreaker” – and then it is up to the sales staff to make the customer interested in the products.

At promotional events, bypassers will stop at the look of the unique tents. And that’s a great point to sell from.

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