Giant globe for promotion

The Trade Council has a new strategy and a new name, and in doing so the Council also wanted a new visual expression.

The Trade Council is a sub-brand under the Ministry, and the visual expression should therefore support this. The new concept would focus on helping Danish companies to sell their products and know-how worldwide. The final concept was used in the Danish airports where The Trade Council has regularly campaigns.

The globe’s world map is structured in words and phrases which are a mixture of The Trade Councils products, information about selected countries and issues that potential exporters should consider.

In collaboration with the architects at Bysted they developed a visual concept, which was based on a huge globe in two variations.

A rotating globe mounted on foot and made of solid material – styropor. The height of this ball is 1.50 meters in diameter. The second variation is an inflatable globe.

If you want to go out with a message, you need to think big, different and out of the box. 

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