Custom mascot with unique look

We made these unqiue mascots from small figurines

BonBon-land gave us a challenge. Take two, small figurines and recreate them – but as a fully grown, living and recognizable custom mascot!

With 3D-visualization, drawing and focus on the many details, we made “Anna the Albatross” and “The Wild Boar” come alive.

Thus can the two mascots roam free in the Danish amusement park BonBon-Land.

And roaming free is literally speaking! Every single custom mascot is made from lightweight foam. It makes extremely light costumes, which are great to perform in.

By using the foam, a person can handle a costume in incredible sizes. And the person inside the mascot is the heart of the act!

3D-visualization helped us create "the Wild Boar"

The two figurines made from fiberglass were the perfect starting point for us. By using our 3D-scanner, we scaled all shapes and details, so we could produce these figurines again – but as fully functional custom mascots!

The figurines aren’t just a help to us technically. The custom mascots contributes to the two identities and a universe, which is already living through the figurines. But it also makes the job a bit harder for us. The costumes has to look exactly like the figurines. 

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