Unique custom-made costumes

Custom-made mascots makes the church service entertaining for the children.

In the children’s church Himmelrummet (Danish for ‘The Sky’) the Angel and the Astronaut are going to make the Sunday service special. But they’re not just there to entertain.

The children should be able to see them selves in the mascot’s personalities. Their world is filled with human challenges like friendship, loneliness, self-asteem and the purpose of life.

The Angel and the Astronaut were introduced in december 2013. They attend the Sunday service at the church and they have their own Christmas calender. The custom-made costumes have a unique story and the whole universe surrounding them is making the services at childrenøs church Himmelrummet a service to remember.

Englen og Astronauten - Himmelrummet

The special thing about these mascots is the well-made history and the personalities behind them. They have a strong effect, when the children can see themselves in the universe, which the Angel and the Astronaut lives in.

The details in the custom made costumes are also making the experience of the mascots very special.

Commercial video

"It was important to us that the two mascots are unique and they look like, whatwe’ve drawed and developed. Down to every little detail like the hair, eyes, mouth and shapes. We’ve looked many places for the right people to do the job, and we got the right ones. Ibsens Fabrikker were fast and effective to cooperate with. They have a great understanding and communication."

Andreas Mathew, Creative Director, By Mathew
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