Commercial characters create recognition

Characters known from Danish television transformed

into lifelike commercial characters.

Do you want to create recognition in a creative way? Read along.  Danish dairy company Arla did exactly that with the a familiar mascot of theirs.

It’s a crazy idea. But it’s often crazy ideas that work. Arla had create success with using their commercial characters in supermarkets in Denmark. It creates a link between the tv commercial and real life. This commercial character is known from the traditional Danish commercial “Brød elsker Kærgården” (Bread loves Kærgården) – watch it down below.

It’s the same effect you’ll get by creating a physical characters from your world of advertising. The customers react, share online and talk about the experience. And interaction with the customers is one of the most powerful tools in the world of advertising.

A walking croissant as a mascot costume

The commercial

Well-known in Denmark

But you don’t have to create recognition by using the exact character from the actual commercials. It’s also possible to use an old name and face from the branding of your product.

Matilde is the face and name of several cocoa products from Arla. So it was obvious to make her into a real-life character. People already know her. It creates a special bound, when children meets her, when the family is grocery shopping.

The commercial character as a mascot puts a lot of personality into the character. It is up to the performer inside the costume to ensure that. That way you’re sure that the customer will react later, when they’re in front of a Matilde cocoa product. Recognition goes both ways.

With a lot of details a high-quality mascot costume can make people look at your products in a whole new way. You can do it in either way. With the product or the character. With the croissant or the girl from the actual product.

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