Childrens mascot was a popular face at Halloween

A recognizable face gets a lot of attention. Danish EduLab used their childrens mascot for the math portal MatematikFessor to meet the pupils during Halloween.

custom made human mascot

Meet your taget group in their own environment. It’s a fantastic way to create attention with a unique product, when the opportunity surfaces.

EduLab used their childrens mascot for the math portal MatematikFessor. Fessor – which his name is – was the obvious marketing tool for a Halloween event in the fall of 2017. The grey hair and the fitting suit were the perfect details for a celebration, where people are wearing costumes.

This is a perfect example. A unique mascot is great at any time of the year. It can be Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Take a good look at your mascot costume and think about, when it’s suitable for a marketing stunt. That gives you a great way to promote your products and company in a complete different way.

75% of all Danish schools use the EduLab portal for their math classes.

Foto: EduLab ApS