Childrens concept for bank

A mascot retrieved from way up north. The vast majority of banks have their own unique childrens concept.

A mascot usually supports the concept and spread joy with the children and their parents. So it is with Broager Sparekasse. A funny polar bear mascot, with the nordic sounding name Maliq, roams the bank buildings.

Broager Sparekasse is a South Jutland bank with deep roots in the local communities and a business strategy that fits the individual customer and his or her special needs.

Customers are important and contribute greatly to the company agenda.

Therefore Broager Sparekasse also felt a great need to address the many children and families who represent the future customer base.

With an appealing mascot Broager Sparekasse has a unique opportunity to get close to the very young clients and their parents.


We have produced a great mascot costume for Maliq, that by size alone, and the comical facial expressions will certainly attract attention at events in the local offices or at sporting events sponsored by Sparekassen.

Additionally, Broager Sparekasse Maliq has been produced as a piggy bank or a savings plush toy, which we might as well call this phenomenon.

A savings plush toy is a stuffed toy with a built-in plastic piggy bank. Coins go in the back, and there is a key opening at the bottom.

As a young customer in Broager Sparekasse you can open a Maliq account and receive as a gift the savings plush toy. Maliq also appears on birthday cards from the bank in the children’s early years and can be exchanged to a gift.

A sweet and funny polar bear mascot like Maliq naturally doesn’t occur out of the blue. Many hours of brainstorming, descriptions, developing, sketches and illustrations lie behind, before the perfect mascot takes shape, and details can be determined.

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