Promotional inflatable drill

Bosch wanted a promotional inflatable for fairs and events

Bosch wanted a promotional inflatable replica of their newest cordless drill and a 5 meter tall version.

The inflatable copy resembles the original product GSR 14.4 EV-2li, which was the latest model of battery-powered drills from Bosch. The promotional inflatable is 5 feet tall and inflates during an impressive 56 seconds.

Bosch is the main sponsor at sporting events within motorsports and therefore wanted to use inflatable advertising as an eye-catcher during the prize ceremonies.

The inflatable copy only takes up 1x1x1 meters of space and can easily be handled by one person. Setting up the inflatable can also be handled by 1 person and takes less than 10 minutes.

As an added feature, this product copy is equipped with hang-tabs on top that makes it useable, not only fixed and in contact with the ground, but also hanging from a crane or a building.

Inflatable Bosch drill replica

As our client, you send images of the product, you want made into an inflatable copy. Ibsens Fabrikker calculates a prospect and after your acceptance the project passes to the studio, where 3D layouts are designed for your approval.

Promotional inflatables can resembles any product. Some are easier to oversize than others, but it can always be done. The oversized replica is always a great way to advertise for a product without using regular cartboard signs.

It draws attention with its several feet height. People and bypassers can’t avoid it at the sporting event or any other event. Your product is the main eye-catcher in the room!

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