Bear mascot with many names

Barnaby Bear, Petzi or Rasmus Klump. Dear bear has many names. 

Rasmus Klump has grown more than 50 years old. It is now 59 years ago that the Danish couple Carla and Vilhelm Hansen told the first stories of Rasmus Klump and his friends.

Over the years, Rasmus Klump and his friends have become known and loved in large parts of the world, and in recent years the character has experienced a renaissance and appears both in his own world in Tivoli CPH., appearing in a new comic book and appearing on a brand new CD with new Petzi songs.

Additionally, you can buy a range of ordinary consumer goods with a Rasmus Klump theme, eg Rasmus Klump pancakes and jam, and several family restaurants, primarily in Jutland, run a Rasmus Klump concept.

The rights to the beloved figure lie with the publisher Egmont, and we were contacted by them in order to develop a new and very lifelike Petzi costume. There was a large number of original drawings, and based on those Ibsens Fabrikker developed this beautiful and very lifelike Petzi mascot costume.

When you work with children concepts, it is important to provide children with unique experiences which a figure does.

Actually, you have the opportunity to buy and make use of such a Petzi costume if you are one of the many who are licensed to market yourself with a Petzi theme. Bamsefabrikken in cooperation with Egmont Publishing offers you a complete Petzi costume at an attractive price.

Rasmus Klump og Michael Benzon på sushirestaurant.


The Rasmus Klump costume is manufactured in durable material. The fur is in an exclusive, italian plush and of course the beanie is knitted.

The costume is divided into the head, stomach (with is pulled over the head as a vest), fur and overalls, shoes and gloves.

The costume is remarkable because you cannot see the person inside. The actor can see through Rasmus’ eyes, which are made of the same material as sunglasses.

Inside Rasmus’ head there is an integrated helmet for a nice fit and a ventilation system, which cools the actor inside the costume. Adapter/charger for the ventilation is included.

"When you work with children concepts, it is important to provide children with unique experiences which a figure does. The character’s magical universe comes alive in a way that helps create an emotional connection to the character. Therefore it is important that the reproduction is as corresponding to the universe as possible. Otherwise you end up with an empty concept, which children too quickly see through, and the magic disappears."

Michael Benzon, Int. licensing Manager
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