Whole Grain Hero as a 3D mascot

When 3D is amazingly close to the real world

It resembles. It really resembles. When we look back at our production of the Whole Grain Hero, we’re really happy to see how precisely we created the design of the mascot.

It started with an idea, which was drawn in 3D. The Whole Grain Hero was a 3D mascot, before we began the production – like a lot of our products.

But minor challenges as color gradient can be hard to transform into the real mascot. It can be seen on the top of the 3D mascot to your right.

But we got the detail into the costume, when the mascot was brought to life!

But we’ve never seen a mascot from Ibsens Fabrikker bake before – and that’s what the Whole Grain Hero does.

As a part of the campaign to get the Danes to eat more whole grain, the mascot helped out showing healthy recipes online – e.g. in a video. Watch the video with Andreas from The Whole Grain Partnership and the Whole Grain Hero below.

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