Product branding with ice cream mascots

Ice cream able to walk! Watch out!

We can bring your product to life as amazing mascot costumes

Norwegian ice cream maker Hennig Olsen Ice Cream needed a solid piece of product branding. With S & B-N we found the perfect way to do it – it draws attention!

It became two product costumes, and we’re proud of them here at Ibsens Fabrikker.

The costumes design is so close to the product as we could get. It’s all about recognition, when the customers stand at the freezer looking for a refreshment, when the summer comes.

Take a look at the product at the right and compare to our costumes beneath. It looks like the real deal, and that’s the idea!

Recognition is so important, when we talk product branding and oversizing. It has to look exactly like the product to ensure recognition. That happened in this project in cooperation with Hennig Olsen Ice Cream.

Product mascots close-up

Our mascots are highly detailed and true to your product.

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